Using a professional blog writer is an investment in your business

Hello, and thanks for checking out my first blog for WritecopyNZ. You should know right from the start that I much prefer writing for others, so any irregularity in blog postings on my website is not a reflection of how quickly or how often I write. It is just another case of the tradesperson who would rather do something for others instead of attending to their own project.

Where to begin? Well, I guess that the first thing you looked for on my website was information on how much I charge, and once you had found that, wondering if I was worth it. The short answer to your question is comparatively not a lot, and yes, I am worth it.  The long answer is the subject of this blog.

Your website is an asset

Your blog or website copy is your number one salesperson. You need a website that is not only attractive to the eye but also exciting to read. If the content is dull and boring, plagued by spelling mistakes or is unreadable, you risk losing a sale or client in a matter of seconds. Unless you have a unique proposition that they can’t get elsewhere, your customer will move on to the next business in the search ranking.

Your website and its content are income-generating assets that need to be kept up-to-date. They are your front door to the world, and just like your physical place of business, they need to be accessible and look good at all times.

When you need your website to stand out, it pays to use a professional web designer and copywriter.

Anyone can write but to compose requires skill

It’s true, anyone can write, but that doesn’t mean anyone else pays attention to what they have written. Composing a blog that connects with the reader and encourages them to act upon what they have read requires the same skill and experience as a Booker prize winning author. Okay, maybe not a Booker, this blog isn’t exactly Life Of Pi riveting after all, but it still required a flair for creativity and grammar to be written. It also took time and thought, which am guessing you don’t have if you have typed “find a copywriter” into the search engine.

How I work – cup of tea not included

On average, a blog post will take three to five hours to complete to a publishable standard. The timer on your blog begins once I have read through your proposal, highlighted the keywords and opened any links you have sent me as research or that the search engine has revealed as relevant to your topic. I will also spend time thinking about composition and the best “voice” to speak to your customers. The timer is paused when I make myself a cup of tea, answer an email, check newsfeeds, or take my hands off the keyboard for whatever reason unrelated to your project.

The timer is also turned off while I let the first draft rest on the page and do something else for a while. This is a well-documented technique amongst professional writers to ensure their writing is the best it can be and not just a brain dump of first thoughts and ramblings.  So whilst I bill you for 3-5 hours work, in reality, it can take me a day or two to complete your blog. I have read about other copywriters promising turnaround times of one hour for a 500-word blog and wonder if they take time to do keywords research, use generic templates, or are just super-fast at composing. I am in awe if they are the latter.

You shouldn’t have to be poor to do what you love

I love what I do and have the experience and knowledge to write on a wide range of subjects. If I don’t know, I will either ask you for more information or research the topic myself if you don’t have the time. But doing something because you love it doesn’t mean that you are willing to live hand to mouth for your passion. At least I’m not.

In setting my rates of service, I have factored in several things:

  • The New Zealand economic climate.
  • Market rates for freelance copywriting.
  • My experience and qualifications.
  • My overheads, including keeping up to date with blog trends, marketing techniques, subscriptions to grammar apps; and 24/7 protection from viruses and hackers, so your content is safe whilst with me.
  • The value my writing will add to your website.

How do I know that I am worth it? Because I believe in myself and have spent many years honing my craft and seeing my work in action. But most importantly because, despite there being a plethora of copywriters available, my clients choose me to be the narrator of their company’s story. I am the friendly ghost-blogger they trust.

If you have liked what you have read and are looking for a copywriter you can depend on, complete an enquiry form and I will reply as soon as practical. Let’s talk.

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